Patsy will coach you one-on-one during Breathwork sessions to use the process of connected and conscious breathing to help unlock those aspects of your unconscious that may be impacting your life in negative ways. 

Through a gently guided, supportive session typically lasting 2-3 hours, the Client will learn breathing techniques, be supported in examining issues as they present themselves, and then time is made available to integrate the Client's experiences through discussion about this new awareness. 

It is recommended that a number of sessions be taken initially in order to become very familiar with the breathing techniques and to learn how to best process previously unconscious thought patterns.  It is highly recommended that Clients continue breathing in this fashion as an ongoing tool for stress management, rather than just practicing during sessions. 


Patsy also facilitates group Breathwork and Exploration Workshops and Full Day Seminars using specific topics such as Birth Order.

To book a one-on-one session, or plan a workshop or seminar, please contact Patsy through our Contact page. 

Breath is obviously essential for living, for just how long could a person last without breathing?

The body thrives on oxygen, breathing in a deeper and fuller manner has on-going effects on the body. Much of the stress we experience in present time can be traced to our internal dialogue about what we think we must/should/have to do and/or be.  Using the breath, we can replace old self critical habitual thinking with greater consciousness of who we are truly meant to be.

Thinking and breathing are two functions everyone is engaged in, all of the time. These two functions, often unconscious to us, can be brought to greater awareness and in so doing, align with the spiritual and feeling aspects of the self. Being At One becomes possible.

Breathing is an intrinsic part of all self awareness modalities. Conscious connected breathing has been likened to a whole body meditation, whereby the breather can experience the At One-ness of the body with the mind and with the Spirit. Breathing in this conscious manner allows for changes in the biochemistry of the body, affecting the entire organism. Awareness of these changes teaches us how, by changing our thinking, the neuro-chemicals being secreted are also changed i.e. we literally feel differently. 

We are free to think whatever we choose, however, once we have decided what to think, we are not free from the consequence of those choices. That is, thoughts repeated become beliefs, beliefs become attitudes and these attitudes influence behavior. 

This learned and habitual behavior is stored in the unconscious mind and when that unconsciousness expresses itself in the form of unexpected occurrences, we are often left feeling confused, in denial and in disbelief. 

Conscious connected breathing facilitates uncovering and releasing unconscious limited and limiting points of view and replacing them with more life-enhancing beliefs. 

The most frequent side effect reported of breathing in this manner is increased creativity, which may be attributable to expanding a sense of the Self, or because we are no longer running our old scripts based on conclusions arrived earlier in our life experiences and become more At One with ourselves.  It could also be as we breathe deeper and fuller we inspire ourselves!