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about Patsy

Patricia Brennan - better known as Patsy - was born & grew

up in Northern Ireland.  As a small child she harboured a dream to make a difference. Initially this was acted out by having a career in Biological Sciences, studying how the body works, in hospitals, research & teaching, in Ireland & Canada.  A turning point came on discovering the Loving Relationships Training in the 80s, whereby Patsy was introduced to the tools of Conscious Connected Breathing & Spiritual Psychology . . .  thus began her inner healing journey. 

Given the transformative changes she experienced in her life, she was keen to share with others how to do likewise, and to make a difference! She trained professionally with the LRT, was elected as a Board member of the Association of Rebirthers & Trainers International. After pioneering the 'rebirthing' community in Ireland, she was invited to work with  communities in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland & the U.S. 

Patsy has also extensively studied many holistic and healing modalities, among them Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Body Harmony, Emotrance, Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and Access Consciousness. At her first EFT experience , Patsy was heard to utter: "It can't be that easy!" She later became an EFT trainer in Dublin.

In addition to utilizing Breathwork and EFT techniques in her work, Patsy has also explored the psychological area of 'Birth Order', a term first coined by Alfred Alder (a contemporary of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud) which suggests that birth order influences personality and behavior.  Patsy delivers workshops on Birth Order, which have been presented across North American and Europe, which explores how our family relationships deeply affect our subconscious beliefs.

In exchanging laboratory experiments for life experiments. Patsy's life changed enormously and today she shares those insights and life skills with her clients daily through At One, Life Works!